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Starbucks unveils new summer menu and creates it with you

Enjoy sunny days with the new summer menu at Starbucks coffee shops! The wide range of new beverages offers an incredible variety of options from which everyone can create a drink to suit their taste preferences. Expressing your individuality is easier than ever with Starbucks. 

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Starbucks® Delivers

Never miss a beverage this Summer with Starbucks Delivers

Visit your favorite park, enjoy a picnic with friends and have your favorite coffee delivered.

We deliver right to your door so you can enjoy your hot chocolate or a steaming hot latte without moving from the comfort of your home!

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New collection of SUMMER merchandise

Spring has also made its mark in our new merchandising collection. Is there a Cold Cup, a tumbler or a key ring?

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Odyssey Blend I Coffee of the month

Odyssey Blend 2024 je jedinečná směs kávových zrn z Brazílie, západní Sumatry a Zambie. . Tato směs středně pražených kávových zrn Arabica vás překvapí lahodnou chutí grapefruitového nektaru a pražených lískových oříšků, která je vynikající v kombinaci s citrusy, medem a fíky.

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Starbucks® Rewards

Enter the world of delicious rewards with our loyalty program.

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