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Starbucks unveils new summer menu and creates it with you!

Enjoy sunny days with the new summer menu at Starbucks! The wide range of new drinks offers an incredible range of options from which everyone can create a drink exactly according to their taste preferences. Expressing your individuality with Starbucks is easier than ever.


Starbucks baristas have been working hard to create a new summer menu where the customer plays the main role. The popular brand now presents the biggest summer collaboration - Starbucks x You.

Creme Brulee Square Banner

At Starbucks, you can treat yourself to the perfect summer experience thanks to the all-new Crème Brulée, a creamy drink with ice foam inspired by the taste of the popular French dessert. What's more, you can add this luxurious creamy flavor and foam to any Starbucks iced beverage, such as Cold Brew or Frappuccino® blended drinks. Or you can try one of the new variations that the baristas have already created - Crème Brulée x Brown Sugar Frappuccino® and Crème Brulée x Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso.


Frappuccino® Crème Brulée x Brown Sugar combines classic Frappuccino® coffee with sweet brown sugar syrup and rich cold foam with a Crème Brulée flavor. If you prefer an espresso drink, be sure to try the Crème Brulée x Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso. The subtle taste of Starbucks Blonde® Espresso Roast blended together with brown sugar syrup and ice and finished with a rich cold foam flavored with Crème Brulée flavor. This is a taste that is simply impossible to resist!

Stop by Starbucks and get yourself started for the upcoming summer season.